Which accommodation when you travel to learn English?

When you learn English in a foreign country, where do you choose to live? One popular way is to stay with a host family (or homestay). Here are some reasons to choose this option:

Personal care - Many hosts are well traveled and know what it is like to be abroad. They can become your home from home.

Host Family’s are very welcoming.

Host Family’s are very welcoming.

Practice Practice! - You will be able to speak to the family and it can really help your studies.

Culture - Hosts welcome students into their homes because they are proud and want to share their culture with you. You will learn about traditions, food, media and lots more

Trips - Many hosts will offer students trips to the cinema, attractions and even to meet more of their family members.

Cost - Hosts don’t need long contracts and utilities (Internet/heat) are included in most places.

Safety - The comfort of having a ‘family’ in your new temporary home can be a big reason for you and your parents.

Food - Your hosts will cook and eat with you. A great way to experience real food from the country you are studying in.

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